Making 3d Prints... Slowly...

Low Poly Bumble Bee

trying to get better with more minimalist modeling

Mephistopheles model in PLA painted with Acrylic. Definitely want to fix some things, print bigger, and preferably with ABS

Still, I’m so happy that I finished through with this guy! He’s been through so many changes

Little Brown Bat

Bobcat Skull 123d Scan (teeth got sort of messed up, try to remedy in the future)

Horse Fly- sculpted by Emily

Polar bear butt, sculptured by Emily

Sloth Monster, part of components project

bobcat skull 3d scan- fixed the teeth a smidge and need to mess with the mesh but I’m excited to see how it prints

little brown bat, made mostly in sculptris, tweaked in blender. sculptris allows way faster building for me but does definitely have its limitations.

trying to keep it simple

trying to keep it simple